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Commercial Pressure and Soft Washing

As a commercial property owner, you know how closely the connection is between a clean piece of property and its market value. Consider how much maintaining your property effects not just over-all occupancy, but how valuable each business is to your bottom line.

Property managers and business owners certainly understand the importance of a clean, orderly, and safe workplace. And they value how much your space does for their business and reputation. So, it makes sense that you wouldn’t leave all that up to anyone but an experienced professional.

The Alblaster crews are experienced professionals. We’re experienced enough to know when it is better to Soft Wash your property vs pressure washing your property. We can get it thoroughly clean without damaging it.

Our cleaning methods are environmentally friendly, but also highly effective. Our crew knows what to look for and what needs special attention. Once the job of cleaning your building is complete, we finish off by attaching a filter to the hose for spotless window cleaning, free of charge.

When your commercial property is clean your tenants are happy and proud of their space. We would like to take responsibility for keeping it that way and that makes it easier for you and your property management company.


We have a lot of experience in cleaning awnings of all shapes, sizes, and locations. We are trained and certified to use and operate lifts and do so without creating difficulties for your place of ongoing business. We wash all sorts of awnings, but we use only high-end professional-grade equipment and the Soft Washing Method because they are easily damaged. This sprayer only emits a spray at 60 psi, then we let the chemicals agitate the surface, the surface is then scrubbed and rinsed. Awnings require low-pressure with chemicals to do the work instead of high-pressure.

Store Fronts

Our expertly trained crew has a lot of experience using the Soft Washing Method to clean storefronts. We know what to be aware of. We treat your property as if it were our own. This is much more than the exterior of your building this is the front door to your business. It is your customer’s first impression. Cleanliness can determine the amount of walk-in traffic you receive, and the impression they take with them. We can help you shine above the competition.


There is no more important place for a clean first impression than the exterior of a restaurant. Most people’s first impression is that the cleanliness of the exterior of a restaurant reflects the cleanliness of the kitchen. We are experts at the Soft Washing Method, we know how to let the chemicals do the cleaning, not the water pressure. The last thing you need is wear and tear on your entrance. We not only keep your restaurant looking clean, we can keep it looking like new.

Outdoor Parking lots

An outdoor parking lot can leave a lasting first impression for a customer. It can attract a lot of debris such as accumulated grime, salt residue, dirt build up, discarded gum, cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles and stains from spilled coffee or food. These substances will slowly wear away at concrete or asphalt surfaces and leave it in poor condition. Clean surfaces look better, last longer and are safer for customers. A poorly maintained parking lot can reflect poorly upon a business. Pressure washing is the best way to ensure your parking lot is clean and presentable. Our best approach is to first leaf blow the entire parking lot in order to collect all loose dirt and garbage. This is then picked up before the pressure washing begins. If your parking lot has no oil stains or anything requiring degreasing chemical we will use a 4000 PSI pressure washing machine and surface cleaner to complete the job. If your parking lot requires us to remove any stains then we start by using a degreasing chemical that pulls out all oil stains, skid marks, coffee stains and other tough spots. These contaminants will degrade your flooring if left untreated. We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods to preserve the environment. Pressure washing is safe, effective and efficient. It protects parking lots from long-term damage. When were done, your parking lot will improve the look and possible sales of your business, hotel, office building, restaurant or medical facility. When it comes to outdoor parkade facilities Alblaster Pressure Washing never fails.

Line Painting

Is your parking lot looking a little dull? Freshen it up with our professional line painting services. Indoor or out, we offer a complete range of line painting services. We remove lines, repaint lines, lay new paint down for the first time or touch up your symbol markings. Alblaster does it all.

Seal Coating Asphalt

Sealing asphalt helps a great deal in protecting and preventing your asphalt driveways, parking lot or promenade from looking old and worn. After a good pressure washing, it is recommended that you apply a seal coat on top of your fresh asphalt to bring out the deep rich black which will make it look as if it were a newly laid lot or driveway.

Parking Garage Cleaning

An underground parkade is a part of your building that some customers see first so make a good first impression. A dirty parkade is simply not an option. Clean surfaces simply look better, last longer and are safer for tenants. Accumulated grime, salt residue and dirt build up will slowly wear away at the concrete surface and leave it in poor condition. Pressure washing is the best way to ensure your underground parkade is clean and presentable. The best approach is to start by blowing the underground parkade with leaf blowers. This step ensures that all loose dirt and garbage is picked up before the pressure washing even begins. Next, we use degreasing chemicals that pull out all of the oil stains, skid marks, salt residue and other tough spots. These contaminants will degrade your flooring if left untreated. We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods to preserve the environment. We also place landscape fabric over all sewer gates to stop debris from washing into the drains; in turn, having your drains cleaned will eliminate future maintenance costs. Pressure washing is safe, effective and efficient. It protects parking lots from long-term damage. When it comes to underground parkade facilities Alblaster Pressure Washing never fails.

 Sidewalks Pressure Washing

Concrete absorbs any substance that comes into contact with it causing mildew, mold, grime and dirt build-up. Let Alblaster pressure washing give your sidewalk a streak free clean that leaves people with a long lasting and good impression. We use surface cleaners and turbo nasals to get the job down quick before foot traffic even has a chance to start.

Walkways/Sideways Cleaning

It is easy sometimes to forget about what often seem like “the little things” (like cleaning your walways and sideways) that can pile up all around our businesses.
if you are welcoming customers to your storefront, paying attention to all of these little details, like pressure washing sidewalks, can make all the difference.
Let Alblaster Pressure Washing brings over ten years of experience and pressure washes with environmentally conscious cleaning methods.

 Exposed Aggregate Sealing

This is best done after a thorough power washing. As a result, a good sealing will help protect your sidewalk, balcony, entrance etc. It provides a better appearance by brightening up the color and adding a new shine. It also strengthens the aggregate which increases its durability. Sealing protects your exposed aggregate from the elements such as freeze-thaw damage, salt as well as normal wear and tear. It adds a level of class and affects first impressions positively with its well-maintained look. Most importantly, it offers safety for your staff and customers.

Windows Cleaning

Exterior Window washing:

For windows that can be easily accessed by foot or a small ladder, we use soft scrub brushes and squeegees which leave a streak free shine with less product waste. This method prevents any scratching or damage.

Outdoor protraction pole window washing:

For windows that are dangerously high or not easily accessible, we use our telescopic poles which are water and cleaner fed to give an immaculate clean every time without putting any parties at risk for liability or injury.

Indoor window washing by hand:

For this, we use soft brushes and squeegees to ensure a thorough and efficient window cleaning. This method is used on accessible interior windows.

Gum Removal

Chewing gum that is stuck on your floor or wall is unsightly, annoying and not to mention unsanitary. Call Alblaster Pressure Washing to solve the problem. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and turbo wands can remove chewing gum and stains caused with ease.

Loading Docks

No one likes an un-presentable and dirty looking loading dock. We can remove gum, oil stains and unwanted bacteria. All these things don’t look presentable to customers, delivery drivers or anyone ells who may walk into your property. Greasy dumpster areas, wet mold, dirt and mildew can be very slippery and hazardous. Let the professionals at Alblaster Pressure Washing use their biodegradable chemical cleaning solutions and hot water pressure washers to reduce liability and keep employees and guests safe while also leaving your property looking brand new.


Business owners know the appearance of their store can dictate the value of what is inside. Property managers or store owners understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe workplace. Pressure washing can clean much more than just the exterior of your building. It cleans your image as a business. Whether the outside of your
business is, stucco siding, vinyl siding, metal, brick or glass we have every cleaning method mastered to perfection. If you’re the owner or property manager of a business then don’t hesitate to give us a call because will make sure you shine brighter than the competition.

Shopping malls and individual shops

Attract more customers by boosting your business’ image. A professional image boosts value. Alblaster Pressure washing offers comprehensive and regular cleaning services for commercial properties whether it be the glass on your store front, awning or sidewalk. Keep your business establishment looking brand new with a top to bottom seasonal cleaning.

Office buildings

Your once brand new office building can eventually take on a dirty and run-down appearance which is not good for business. Alblaster Pressure Washing can keep your office looking like new. The combination of our professional cleaning technicians and modern commercial pressure washing techniques consistently deliver outstanding office exterior cleaning for all types of office buildings.

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Commercial Pressure/Soft Washing Reviews

Our Commercial Pressure/Soft Washing Services are rated 5 of 5 from our customers

Alexz and Daniel were very responsive. A reply came on the same day as the request, they listened to our needs, and provided both their availability and a quote quickly. They also specified their needs to provide their service in advance, so there were no surprises on site. City noise-bylaws were respected, they and were considerate of the neighbours. The final cost was no any higher than the original quote. They did the job completely, and on time. Thank you for your great work!

Crystal Gilhooly

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