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Winter is coming, and snow and ice removal in Vancouver is not something to be taken lightly. While each winter season can be drastically different than the last, property owners in the city should always be prepared to deal with the likely necessity of snow removal.

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Whereas personal property owners are looking out for themselves and their neighbors, commercial property owners must also be concerned for clients, tenants, guests, and anyone else who may be visiting their property.

As a commercial property owner, the more preparation you can do before the snow starts to fly the better. Consider creating your own snow and ice removal checklist or using our outline below to help stay proactive with your winter storm mitigation needs.

Commercial Property Snow and Ice Removal Checklist:


☐ Learn the Laws

Familiarize yourself with the local snow and ice removal laws, schedules, and expectations for the city of Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver website contains some great information, and the Spinal Cord Injury BC page has an excellent breakdown of neighborhood-specific snow removal bylaws.

Once familiar with city ordinances and your neighborhood’s bylaws create a snow and ice removal plan. Decide how you or your organization wants to handle snow removal, who will do so, and how soon after a snowfall will it occur. The more organized you are before a storm, the easier the snow and ice removal process will be.

☐ Take Preventative Measures

commercial property snow and ice removal


Do what you can before the snowfalls to stock up your business with necessary materials. Buy salt, sand, and shovels for your staff. Consider investing in weather mats to place at each entrance to your building. These mats can provide extra traction in some of the most highly trafficked slip and fall zones around your property.

☐ Post Signs around your Property

Post informational and safety posters and signage around your property warning of typically slippery places and reminding people to take their time and go slow to avoid any accidents.

☐ Find your Preferred Snow and Ice Removal Expert

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Explore your options for a professional snow removal service to handle all of your snow and ice removal needs. As you explore options, be sure to find a contractor that is thorough, fast, and arrives shortly after a storm subsides or slows down. Hiring a service that has worked on commercial properties similar to your own will also pay dividends.

☐ Sign a Contract

Establish a relationship and contract with your snow removal expert to ensure that your property will be well taken care of throughout the winter season. Signing a contract with a trustworthy and hardworking snow removal expert now could be the start of a relationship that could extend into future winter seasons.

As a commercial property owner, the last thing you want is for a heavy snowfall to catch you completely off guard. Now is the perfect time to start exploring your snow and ice removal plan for the upcoming winter.

Whether you use our checklist above or create one of your own, the more preparation you put into your snow removal plan this fall the easier it will be to tackle any challenges that Vancouver winter storms may throw your way!

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We called on Alblaster 2 weeks before the start of the snow to provide us with quotes for a large number of properties. They took the time to go visit the properties on their own time to provide the most accurate quotes. When it came to the actual salting and snow removal not only were they quick and on time, they identified that they had quoted more salt than it was actually required which resulted in a very happy season for our budgeting department. We added 7 more properties to their file and they again quickly adjusted to accommodate us. Professional, fair and friendly service. No issues.

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