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We take pride in being experts at commercial, industrial, residential, and strata pressure washing and soft washing. We are experienced with homes, restaurants, apartments, businesses, strata, and warehouses. When you choose Alblaster Pressure Washing/Soft Washing you’re choosing the most reliable, accountable, efficient, and friendly organization around. We take great care of your investments by using the right tool, technique, pressure, and temperature to get the best result with the least waste or use of cleaning agents. We only use eco-friendly, biodegradable, safe, and non-toxic cleaners to clean and treat your surfaces with what they need when they need it.

We are exterior cleaning professionals that specialize in pressure washing and soft washing services. Call us today to request a quote or make an inquiry. We’re here for all your cleaning and property maintenance needs!



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To avoid long-term damage and more extensive costs, let the Albalster specialists provide soft washing services for your commercial property. By choosing Alblaster for your job, your commercial property will look its best, professional, and always open for business!

High water pressures can damage certain surfaces. Using our soft washing system, the entire exterior of your commercial property will be cleaned and sanitizes thoroughly. Our crew and surfactants do the work with low pressure and high water volume. When your soft washing services are completed, your commercial business will be restored and ready to conduct new business!

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That’s right, even an industrial property requires soft washing services. The soft washing process speeds up the cleaning process of a building lowering the cost for the customer. Our specialty soaps are evenly sprayed onto the building structure, then pressure rinsed clean with high volume water flow. Even the dirtiest industrial buildings are no challenge for our crews. From green stains caused by algae, mold or lichen, our top-of-the-line equipment has you covered.

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When it comes to washing your strata buildings, Alblaster Soft Washing has you covered. Using our soft wash system, we will clean and sanitize the full exterior of your building. This included gutters, fascia, soffits, trim, siding and all windows.

Our washing treatment system removes all organic stains caused by algae, mold, and moss. These chemicals also do a fantastic job removing all cobwebs and dust at the same time. We only use biodegradable cleaners that do not require damaging high-pressure techniques. These specialty soaps are evenly sprayed onto the surface, scrubbed, then rinsed clean using lower pressures.

Don’t hesitate and call the Alblaster Soft Washing team for your FREE strata cleaning quote!

Roof Cleaning Surrey

Don’t Replace, Restore!

Our roof cleaning method helps your roof stay cleaner longer and is the safest cleaning process for your investment!

When the lifespan of your roof is at stake, high-pressure is not the answer. Pressure washing degrades the surface and can dramatically shorten the roof’s life. Moss roots can work their way through the roofing material and trap excess water, heat, and bacteria causing a costly early replacement.

Not to worry, your Alblaster Team will get the job done with low pressure! We spray your roof with the proper chemical balance unique for each individual roof type and it’s conditions. This cleaning process cleans all moss, mold, algae, and linchens, not to mention restoring your roof back to its original color. The solutions we add slow down moss growth in the years to come.





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We believe it is essential to keep your underground parkades and parking lots cleaned and well maintained. It is a direct reflection of your property and can prevent any long-term damage from occurring. Alblasters top of the line equipment and team have been cleaning parkades and parking lots for over a decade now, so we have experience in completing the job in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you’re a Strata or commercial property, we work closely with your schedule, so it is convenient for your residents and customers. Parking lots accumulate dust, animal feces, oil spills, skid marks and tough stains of all kinds over time, leaving your concrete or asphalt in poor condition. These contaminants will degrade your flooring if left untreated. We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods to preserve your floor. Whether you’re keeping up with yearly maintenance or have neglected it for years, Alblaster will always restore your parking lot until it looks new again.

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The Alblaster team wants to help restore your property to looking bright and clean again!

Driveways and sidewalks are constantly being used, leaving dirt, loose gravel, and grime. Not to mention all the organic material growing out of the cracks. To complete this cleaning process, we use top-of-the-line equipment with the right tools to bring any surface back to its original color. We won’t leave until your property spotless! Using our expert judgment, we will adjust pressure and temperature to get the job done right without damaging any garden or surrounding plants.

Retaining walls are another area of your property that accumulates dirt, mildew, moss and various undesirable growth. Our team always uses the right tools and processes to complete these tough to reach areas while bringing your property back to its original clean state.

Window Cleaning

Well-cleaned windows improve the overall appearance of your property. Everyone wants clean windows and windows that you can clearly see through without noticing that they are there. Alblaster considers spotless windows to be part of the job. We clean your windows by scrubbing them with our water-fed telescopic tuckerpoles. All water that runs through this tuckerpole will filter through a deionization water filter. This filter turns unfiltered water into pure water. We then use pure water to rinse down your windows after scrubbing takes place, leaving no streaks or spots, just crystal-clear windows. This process leaves you with an immaculate window cleaning job every time!

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Following the cleaning process of parkades and parking lots, we offer a complimentary service of quality line painting! We are experts in the design and plans that most parking lots use, allowing us to improve your safety and bring bright lines for your pedestrians and vehicles to use. Whether you are creating new markers or restoring old stalls, symbols, letters, numbers, speed bumps, and curbing, we have you covered! Improperly marked or poorly marked parking lots cause huge problems and liabilities including, accidents, public danger or even wasted space. Let us know how the Alblaster line painting team can help you keep your parking lot safe and looking sharp!




Our low-pressure soft-washing exterior cleaning methods ensure your property’s safety without compromising our process or effectiveness.


We take the time to learn while always using new methods and techniques to provide you with the best quality exterior cleaning.


We train all team members exceptionally well to ensure they work efficiently.

Here at Alblaster Pressure Washing we listen to our customers and keep your needs in mind to ensure that we deliver the best and most effective service. We measure our success based on the satisfaction of our customers. We do this in order to guarantee you are completely satisfied with our service and attitude. If you’re not happy then neither are we. Routine maintenance is provide on an annually, quarterly, monthly and bi-weekly basis which can be arranged with ease.


Here at Alblaster Pressure Washing we listen to our customers and keep your needs in mind to ensure that we deliver the best and most.

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