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Parking Lot & Underground Parking Pressure Washing

The amenities available to many strata owners are often what attract them to this type of property in the first place. However, amenities are only as nice as you make them, and regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep residents happy and your strata functioning at a high level. Private parking is often available to strata residents, yet underground parking cleaning can be easily overlooked. Thankfully, our team at Alblaster is here to ensure that your parking areas are functional, well maintained, and as clean as can be.

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A garden hose has an average 40-60 psi rating which is effective to remove dust, dirt, mud, and leaves. Ground-in stains need and high-pressure washing. Our pressure washers typically offer a cleaning power of between 2000-4000 psi.

It is so important to make sure power washing at high pressure does not damage your concrete or asphalt surface.

Avoid replacing a surface you only intended to clean. The wrong pressure can crack or break your driveway.

Save the cost of purchasing or renting expensive tools and equipment and the risk of trial and error.

Alblaster Pressure Washing services tackle gas, oil, grease, tire marks, and other stubborn stains with environmentally-friendly solutions and specialty tools that restore the surface of asphalt and concrete.

Pressure Washing Parking Lot

We arrive fully equipped with a wide variety of driveway pressure washing tools for safe deep cleaning:

  • Rotary Turbo Nozzles: Shoots a fine stream of continuously rotating water that covers a wide area. This helps conserve water and save time because it takes fewer passes when pressure washing driveways. It removes all grass and weeds out from the cracks leaving your driveway looking brand new.
  • Surface Cleaners: Have 2 nozzles attached to the end of a rotary arm that spin, allowing coverage of areas between 20 to 25 inches. The consistent nozzle heights of a surface cleaner eliminate zebra striping and leave you with a nice even clean.
  • Different Spray Tips: Spray heads that can be set to different spray patterns to suit the surface. We usually use these to different spray heads to clean up whatever mess we made with the Rotary Turbo Nozzle & Surface Cleaner.
  • Eco-Friendly Detergents: All detergents and grease or stain removers we use are high-quality and have been rigorously tested. Proven results show how effectively stains lift from porous surfaces such as asphalt and concrete driveways.
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Pressure washing is the best way to ensure your parking lot is clean and presentable. Our best approach is to first leaf blow the entire parking lot in order to collect all loose dirt and garbage. This is then picked up before the pressure washing begins. If your parking lot has no oil stains or anything requiring degreasing chemical we will use a 4000 PSI pressure washing machine and surface cleaner to complete the job.

If your parking lot requires us to remove any stains then we start by using a degreasing chemical that pulls out all oil stains, skid marks, coffee stains and other tough spots. These contaminants will degrade your flooring if left untreated. We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods to preserve the environment.

Pressure washing is safe, effective and efficient. It protects parking lots from long-term damage.

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As with other exterior characteristics of your strata, maintaining a clean parking area is essential not only for appearances but also for improving the longevity of the area. Continuous build-up of dirt, grease, spills, litter and everything else that just happens to accumulate in parking areas over time will add unnecessary stress and clutter to an area that already sees a lot of traffic. Our professionals, however, will follow our time-tested procedures to clean your underground or parking area to the surface before honing in on the details. Once free of debris, the experts will degrease all oil, spills, to prevent erosion on the underlying concrete or asphalt floor.

Beyond the routine cleaning and degreasing of your strata’s parking areas, our team at Alblaster is also well-equipped to repaint parking lines and reseal any issues with your asphalt. Parking lines are simple and essential features of any parking area, thus it is crucial to keep them well-maintained. If the lines in your strata’s parking area are fading or laid out in a confusing way, call on Alblaster to repaint and revitalize your parkade. Further, we can also remove, retouch, or add lines to keep your lot up to speed with the changing times and tenets. From simple lines to symbols and writing, our team will make your parking area shine.

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Among other things, strata owners and tenants are often drawn to these units for their amenities. As such, it is crucial to devote the time and energy toward maintaining these facilities. Thankfully, Alblaster is here to provide affordable and high-quality parking cleaning and maintenance. Call us to get a quote on your strata parking area and schedule an appointment to give your lot or parkade a fresh new look!

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