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If you want to keep it clean in Coquitlam, trust Alblaster to be your professional washing and cleaning service. We live here too, so we know what to look for. We know what to expect, what the conditions will be, and what those conditions can do to your property. In this neck of the woods, our job is more than about keeping it clean, it’s about protection.

If you’ve been considering a Coquitlam pressure washing job for your property or considering a Coquitlam soft washing job, hire the local experts. Hire Alblaster.



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Our experience and expertise tell us when our 100% non-toxic biodegradable detergent, brushes, and elbow grease, are right for those easily damaged areas, or when it is best to apply some heat and pressure.

There are some rather fragile aspects of your commercial property that require special considerations. As a business owner or property owner, you are responsible for the safety of others that work for you or occupy that property. We are responsible for safely cleaning it without damaging it. Soft washing is the right choice for more fragile features.

Coquitlam commercial property faces some pretty strong weather. We know pressure washing, which conditions demand it, and what knowledge and equipment are required. From sidewalks to parking lots, maintenance is important for looking safe and open for business.

Industrial Soft Washing

There are all kinds of industrial properties. We are prepared for all of them. But it is so important to know when you don’t need high pressure and high heat. Detergent, and a good scrubbing, thoroughly clean industrial properties that can be easily damaged.

Industrial properties can be a tough job. Getting some areas clean requires professional pressure washing. Whether biological or synthetic, industrial property can be a tough cleaning job. We know when to apply the pressure.

Crane Strata Soft Washing Vancouver

Strata property projects are perfect for us. They require a schedule, and they also require the kind of finesse that goes with experience and soft washing. A regular schedule is a great way to prevent bigger, more expensive problems. The whole exterior is cleaned and sanitized including all windows.

We know what it takes to get the job done. For strata properties, a maintenance schedule is so important. A crew from Alblaster knows which equipment is best for certain situations. Driveways, patios, parking areas, and sidewalks should be relegated to professionals with pressure washing expertise.

Don’t hesitate and call the Alblaster Soft Washing team for your FREE strata cleaning quote!

Roof Cleaning Surrey

Don’t Replace, Restore!

Our roof cleaning method helps your roof stay cleaner longer and is the safest cleaning process for your investment!

When the lifespan of your roof is at stake, high-pressure is not the answer. Pressure washing degrades the surface and can dramatically shorten the roof’s life. Moss roots can work their way through the roofing material and trap excess water, heat, and bacteria causing a costly early replacement.

Not to worry, your Alblaster Team will get the job done with low pressure! We spray your roof with the proper chemical balance unique for each individual roof type and it’s conditions. This cleaning process cleans all moss, mold, algae, and linchens, not to mention restoring your roof back to its original color. The solutions we add slow down moss growth in the years to come.





Parking Pressure Washing Vancouver

Cleaning a parkade may be a less glamorous job, but it is probably one of the most important ones, both for the impression of your business and also for safety.

Whether someone is interested in living in your building or doing business with you, they can tell a lot about you and the property from the impression they get of the parkade. Keeping your parkade clean and free of debris also minimizes the risk of accidents, either to pedestrians or to vehicles.

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Pressure washing is highly effective for cleaning hard surfaces with built-up dirt and grime. This is because it is pushed out at such a high pressure, it can cut through the most challenging layers. If mishandled, it can also easily cut through your skin. That is a major reason why it should be handled by an experienced professional. Alblaster uses pressure washing to clean tough surfaces and make them look like new. We know exactly how to safely wield high pressure.

When you consider your driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall, staircase, front porch, basement walkout, patio, or even a wooden deck, you should consider the deep cleaning that professional pressure washing can provide.

Alblaster has the experience to work efficiently and effectively, without risking your property or your safety.

Window Cleaning

Once we’re done cleaning your building, we affix a filter to the hose and clean your windows for free, whether your property is your residence, your business, your industrial building, or your strata property. We filter the water to leave your windows spotlessly clean.

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Traffic markings are a particular expertise of ours. This involves knowledge of traffic flow. Our experience allows us to understand the layout of a parking lot. We paint lines, numbers, visitor spaces, handicap symbols, small car stencil, fire lane and no parking zones, curbing, speed bumps, crosswalks and posts and lamp base painting.




Our low-pressure soft-washing exterior cleaning methods ensure your property’s safety without compromising our process or effectiveness.


We take the time to learn while always using new methods and techniques to provide you with the best quality exterior cleaning.


We train all team members exceptionally well to ensure they work efficiently.

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Here at Alblaster Pressure Washing we listen to our customers and keep your needs in mind to ensure that we deliver the best and most.

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