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Vancouver Soft Washing & Pressure Washing Services

For experienced and professional washing and cleaning services in the Vancouver area, Alblaster has been a trusted partner of property owners and managers for over a decade.

We are your Vancouver washing service of choice, and we’re your neighbours, so we know Vancouver conditions well. We know what to look for and what it takes to keep your property clean and spotless. A clean property is a protected property.



Commercial Soft Washing - BCIT North Vancouver


Soft Washing

Professional and responsive from start to finish. Followed up after the work was complete to ensure satisfaction. Went above and beyond the work quoted.

Irene Yung
Industrial Soft Washing


Soft Washing

Alexz did exactly what he said he was going to do and did it on time, and he stayed in touch with us. What more can you ask from a Contractor.

Rob Bechard – Vancouver
Strata Soft Washing


Soft Washing

Alex from Alblaster did a terrific job for our 4 story strata building including walkways, stairwells, parking lot and patios. Alex came onsite within a day of calling, provided a fast and excellent quote, and then completed the work as promised in less time than anticipated. All areas he worked on look like new, no damage caused to any surfaces and he even came in and cleaned up the entranceways of our commercial units if any water had made it under the door. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Alblaster’s work.

Peter Goldberg – Richmond
House Soft Washing


Soft Washing

I was very happy with the job that was done washing the exterior of our house. The house came out looking beautiful. The washers were very thorough, had excellent equipment, and did a very good job.

Larry Olson – Langley
Roof Soft Washing


Soft Washing

Josh removed algae from our metal roof. They arrived on time, conducted the work efficiently and effectively, and took the time to clean up the property after they finished. A good company to deal with.

Brent Sutton – Vancouver


Your place of business has some sensitive cleaning considerations as well. A clean and orderly workplace is a safer workplace. We are experienced at understanding when a surface can be easily damaged and when Soft Washing is the right choice.

Soft Washing uses detergents and chemicals instead of water pressure and heat to clean surfaces. We know which surfaces would be damaged with heat and pressure. We use only 100% non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. Brushes and elbow grease are often used with the solution for tougher parts of the job.

Please note, when booking soft washing services through Alblaster, we provide a free window cleaning service as well, with our deionization water filter and tucker pools, which leave your windows spotlessly clean.

Industrial Soft Washing

Albaster is the expert for safe and effective soft washing service for all types of industrial properties. Just because it is industrial doesn’t mean you have to clean it under a large amount of pressure.

Our soft washing method treatment removes all green and black stains caused by algae, mould and moss with ease, protecting your building from any pressure-related damage. The chemical is sprayed onto the surfaces, scrubbed where needed, then rinsed using very little water pressure.

Please note, when booking soft washing services through Alblaster, we provide a free window cleaning service as well, with our deionization water filter and tucker pools, which leave your windows spotlessly clean.

We are especially good at Soft Washing all kinds of strata cleaning projects. We can keep your strata property clean on a schedule, using our Soft Washing Method. We know that keeping a regular schedule is a good preventative measure and a more affordable way to maintain strata property. We clean and sanitizing the whole exterior of your strata complex, which includes exterior gutters, siding, decks, trim, soffits, and exterior windows. We get the job done with excellent results. That’s right, windows are included for free.

Don’t hesitate and call the Alblaster Soft Washing team for your FREE strata cleaning quote!

Alblaster understands that many aspects of your residential property can not withstand high-pressure and requires surfactants, scrubbing and low pressure to get the job done right. This is where the Alblaster soft washing team comes in. With years of experience in the industry, we have mastered the soft washing process.

Your residential property also needs special care. If you’re looking for a company in Vancouver that knows when it is better to Soft Wash the unique and easily damaged surfaces of your home, Alblaster has the right equipment and crew with experience.

When it comes to residential soft washing, the Alblaster Soft Washing specialist have you covered!

Don’t Replace, Restore!

Our roof cleaning method helps your roof stay cleaner longer and is the safest cleaning process for your investment!

When the lifespan of your roof is at stake, high-pressure is not the answer. Pressure washing degrades the surface and can dramatically shorten the roof’s life. Moss roots can work their way through the roofing material and trap excess water, heat, and bacteria causing a costly early replacement.

Not to worry, your Alblaster Team will get the job done with low pressure! We spray your roof with the proper chemical balance unique for each individual roof type and it’s conditions. This cleaning process cleans all moss, mold, algae, and linchens, not to mention restoring your roof back to its original color. The solutions we add slow down moss growth in the years to come.



Underground Parking Lot Pressure Washing

Parking Lot / Parkade

Pressure Washing

I have worked with Alblaster many times over the last couple of years and they are great! Great customer service, excellent workmanship and great pricing. I know I can count on them to have my contracts completed on time and without hassle! Highly recommended.

J A – Vancouver
Residential driveway pressure washing

We hired Alblaster to pressure wash the walkways and clean the windows in our strata complex. They were absolutely amazing from the first point of contact. They attended our property and provided a quote within 24 hours. They were the lowest of three quotes and they attended our property within a week of being hired. The workers did a wonderful job of cleaning up our property. The walkways went from being extremely green and grimy to looking brand new again. Alexz in the office was a pleasure to deal with. He was very friendly and responsive. We will definitely work with Alblaster again in the future!

Ward Vivini – Vancouver

Window Cleaning

Supplementary Services

Alblaster provided an excellent service. Couldn’t be happier with the work Alblaster did cleaning a glass awning. They were on time, professional and thorough. Not a spot of dirt or mildew was left behind and they even gave the back windows a good rinse as well (thank you). Great company to do business with. We will use them again in spring and definitely recommend. Thought that pricing was fair and very good value in comparison to other companies we contacted.

Alex Almarza – Vancouver

Line Painting

Supplementary Services

Our strata had Alblaster come in to power wash our parkade, the driveway, and the stone steps leading out to the back alley. He did a fantastic job! So courteous, prompt with a quote. We found the price was more than reasonable for the task. We were also able to get our parking stall lines and numbers repainted. It’s never been so clean. They use a hot water pressure washer and even got out some grimy oil stains. It’s a relief to find a conscientious company that provides excellent service. We will definitely have Alblaster in again.

Kevin K – Vancouver
Alblaster Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Winter Services

We called on Alblaster 2 weeks before the start of the snow to provide us with quotes for a large number of properties. They took the time to go visit the properties on their own time to provide the most accurate quotes. When it came to the actual salting and snow removal not only were they quick and on time, they identified that they had quoted more salt than it was actually required which resulted in a very happy season for our budgeting department. We added 7 more properties to their file and they again quickly adjusted to accommodate us. Professional, fair and friendly service. No issues.

Pablo P – Vancouver


There are many good reasons to keep your parkade clean. Not the least of which is the initial impression it makes. Is it a glamorous job? No. Is it essential? Absolutely. It has an instant effect on whether someone wants to be engaged with your business, or whether someone wants to live in your building. It is also, essential to reduce the risk of accidents, debris can build up, doing damage, or creating hazards for vehicles, pedestrians. Debris like loose rocks and gritty dirt can wear out the surface faster as well.

If there is a good reason to hire an experienced professional service like Alblaster, it is pressure washing. In Vancouver several situations require pressure washing, from dirty cement, parking lots, to mossy bricks just to name a couple. But pressure washing can be pretty tricky and even dangerous.

When you consider your driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall, staircase, front porch, basement walkout, patio, or even a wooden deck, you should consider the deep cleaning that professional pressure washing can provide.

Alblaster has the experience to work efficiently and effectively, without risking your property or your safety. We know Vancouver and the challenges it presents to your property. We know what to look for, and what it takes to get the job done.

Window Cleaning

Once we’re done cleaning your building, we affix a filter to the hose and clean your windows for free, whether your property is your residence, your business, your industrial building, or your strata property. We filter the water to leave your windows spotlessly clean.

Traffic markings are a particular expertise of ours. This involves knowledge of traffic flow. Our experience allows us to understand the layout of a parking lot. We paint lines, numbers, visitor spaces, handicap symbols, small car stencil, fire lane and no parking zones, curbing, speed bumps, crosswalks and posts and lamp base painting.




Our cleaning methods are low-pressure to ensure the safety for your property without compromising effectiveness.


We take the time to learn and use new methods and techniques to provide you with the best quality in pressure washing.


We train our employees exceptionally well to ensure they work efficiently.

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Here at Alblaster Pressure Washing we listen to our customers and keep your needs in mind to ensure that we deliver the best and most.

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