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In the Richmond BC area, the most experienced property-washing and cleaning service is Alblaster. We have been a trusted partner of property owners and managers for over a decade. We are highly skilled at all of the services your property requires and our experience tells us which one of those services is appropriate for you. This is just one of the reasons we are considered the best choice for pressure washing and soft washing in Richmond. We know the typical homes and buildings in Richmond, so we know what to look for, and what it takes to keep your property looking new.



Instead of high pressure and hot water to clean surfaces, our method uses detergents. We know that certain surfaces get damaged when water pressure is applied. Our detergents are effective, especially when combined with a little elbow grease and brushes. This method is also 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

Your storefront is a reflection of your business. Customers and employees experiencing your property should feel safe knowing everything is clean and orderly. We know when to Soft Wash, and what kind of surfaces can be easily damaged during a high-pressure cleaning process.

Please note, when booking soft washing services through Alblaster, we provide a free window cleaning service as well, with our deionization water filter and tucker pools, which leave your windows spotlessly clean.

Industrial Soft Washing

Albaster is the expert for safe and effective soft washing service for all types of industrial properties. Just because it is industrial doesn’t mean you have to clean it under a large amount of pressure.

For safe and effective Richmond soft washing, Alblaster is the expert service for all types of industrial properties. Industrial properties don’t just require pressure washing, there are plenty of surfaces that can get damaged if not handled properly. We can remove all green and black stains caused by algae, mould and moss with ease using our soft washing method.

This protects your building from any pressure-related damage. We spray the chemical onto the surface, it is scrubbed where needed, then rinsed clean using very little water pressure.

When you book soft washing services through Alblaster you get a free window cleaning service as well. We use a deionization water filter and tucker pools, which leaves your windows with a spotless clean.

Crane Strata Soft Washing Vancouver

Strata cleaning projects are a specialty of ours. We do more than answer the call, we take responsibility for keeping your property on a schedule. This is particularly important when it comes to strata property. It is a preventative measure and a more affordable way to ensure that long-term damage is abated. We clean and sanitizing the whole exterior of your strata complex, which includes exterior gutters, siding, decks, trim, soffits, and exterior windows. We get the job done with excellent results. That’s right, windows are included free.

Don’t hesitate and call the Alblaster Soft Washing team for your FREE Richmond strata cleaning quote!

Don’t Replace, Restore!

Our roof cleaning method helps your roof stay cleaner longer and is the safest cleaning process for your investment!

When the lifespan of your roof is at stake, high-pressure is not the answer. Pressure washing degrades the surface and can dramatically shorten the roof’s life. Moss roots can work their way through the roofing material and trap excess water, heat, and bacteria causing a costly early replacement.

Not to worry, your Alblaster Team will get the job done with low pressure! We spray your roof with the proper chemical balance unique for each individual roof type and it’s conditions. This cleaning process cleans all moss, mold, algae, and linchens, not to mention restoring your roof back to its original color. The solutions we add slow down moss growth in the years to come.





Parking Pressure Washing Vancouver

The impression your parkade makes is many times the first impression that a potential customer has of your business. It does have quite a substantial effect on whether someone ultimately ends up doing business or if they decide to live in your building. Keeping your parkade clean can also reduce the risk of accidents. Debris can build up and create a hazard for vehicles, or pedestrians, and wear out the surface faster.

Pressure washing is a good reason to hire a professional like Alblaster. It can be a pretty tricky process, with some dangerous risks. Water under high pressure can be tough to handle.

Although your property has many surfaces that can be damaged with high pressure, there are still surfaces that demand Pressure Washing. The team at Alblaster are just the professionals for the job. From your wooden decks, patio, basement walkout, front porch, retaining walls, and driveway, our pressure washing process can do it all.

With our years of experience, no job is too big or complex for Alblaster. When dealing with high-pressure washing, it is best that the equipment and the operator are professional levels.

Window Cleaning

We always give extra effort. We like to finish our job by throwing in some window washing. A special filter goes on a hose so that the water leaves no mineral spots. This service is provided for all residences, businesses, industrial property, and strata property. Our window cleaning services are free with every soft washing service provided.

We are knowledgeable experts at traffic flow markings. This allows us to layout a system for your parking lot. We paint lines, numbers, where and how many visitor spaces are included, handicap symbols, small car stencils or simply the words ”SMALL CAR”, hatching, fire lane and no parking zones, curb and speed bump painting, crosswalks, pillars, posts and lamp base painting, and bicycle parking.

Alblaster combines all the services you need to keep your property in top condition.




Our low-pressure soft-washing exterior cleaning methods ensure your property’s safety without compromising our process or effectiveness.


We take the time to learn while always using new methods and techniques to provide you with the best quality exterior cleaning.


We train all team members exceptionally well to ensure they work efficiently.

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Here at Alblaster Pressure Washing we listen to our customers and keep your needs in mind to ensure that we deliver the best and most.

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