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How to Pressure Wash a House in 10 Easy steps

When it is time to pressure wash a house, important steps should be taken to ensure you do not incur any damages.

1. Improper use of pressure washers or selection of the wrong spray tip can cause:

– Shredding of window screens
– Paint removal
– Vinyl siding to be ripped off or loosened
– Window seals to break
– Water damage inside your home
– Cracks in brick or stucco siding
Remember, when choosing a pressure washer, PSI is the pressure output measured in ‘pounds per square inch’ and GPM is the volume of water a machine delivers, measured in ‘gallons per minute’.

2. Choose the right pressure washer:

If you are cleaning wood or aluminum siding, a different pressure and spray nozzle are needed than what is typically used for vinyl siding.

3. Protect plants, shrubs, electrical and light fixtures from water pressure and water seepage:

Cover all with plastic or waterproof drop cloths and seal covers with waterproof tape.

4. Avoid all vent openings:

Cover all openings with plastic and tape to avoid water damage in your home.

5. Close all windows:

Remember to check every floor and every room.

6. Prepare the power washer cleaning solution:

Be sure to use the right amount of solution and water when filling the machine.

7. Connect the garden hose to the pressure washer water supply:

Turn on the water.

8. Test the pressure washer:

Hold the nozzle with both hands at least 3 feet away from the wall and move in only if necessary to increase the pressure required to remove dirt.

9. Always start at the top of the house:

Spray overhangs and gutters. Then move the spray from side to side all the way down.

10. Rinse:

Use only water for rinsing and rinse from the top down.

Pressure Washer Attachments:

Foaming Gun:
Use Foaming gun to spread chemicals, then let sit for couple minutes depending on the temperature outside.
Pressure Washer Detergent:
Detergent solutions are specifically formulated for different types of house siding. Use the right one for brick, wood, vinyl or stucco. Always choose an eco-friendly cleaning product.

It is never a good idea to make an uneducated decision or choose the cheapest option for residential pressure washing. Take care of your investment.

If you prefer to hire a professional contractor to pressure wash your home, call Alblaster Pressure Washing – Vancouver to learn more about the techniques and solutions we use.
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5 Pressure Washing Tips & Safety Advice

 Pressure washing allows a simple cleaning method for large projects such as home exteriors, decks, and driveways. A regular garden hose does not pack the punch needed to thoroughly remove ground in dirt, grease and stains.

Get great results using the right power washing tools and equipment…

The Ideal Pressure Washing Machine

PSI is the pressure output measured in ‘pounds per square inch’ and GPM is the volume of water a machine deliver,s measured in ‘gallons per minute’.

Light Duty: Rated below 2000 PSI. Ideal for cleaning patio furniture, siding cars, trucks, and boats.

Medium Duty: Rated between 2000-2800 PSI. Ideal for cleaning patio furniture, siding cars, trucks, and boats. They can also be used to clean sidewalks, driveways, patios, fences and decks.

Heavy Duty: Rated between 2900-3300 PSI. Ideal for sidewalks, driveway, second-story surfaces and preparing surfaces for painting.

Extra Heavy Duty: Rated 3300 PSI and higher. Ideal for industrial heavy cleaning.

 5 useful pressure washing tips

Are you removing stubborn stains or debris like leaves and sticks? There are 5 universal color-coded tips to help you choose the spray pattern required.

Red Tip: Red produces a 0 degree extremely concentrated spray that is very powerful for cleaning deeply soiled concrete. This tip has enough pressure to damage or scratch fragile surfaces. Never spray close to a surface with this tip or use it to spray metallic surfaces on cars.

Yellow Tip: Yellow produces a 15-degree spray pattern which is excellent for heavy duty cleaning. It is ideal for concrete, garage floors and walls. This tip is not suitable for detergent based or chemical based cleaning as the chemicals can embed deep into cracks of the surface being cleaned.

Green Tip:  Green produces a 25-degree spray pattern that is suitable for cleaning decks, walkways, and brick patios. Green is ideal for cleaning a boat or washing cars with detergent as it sprays the right amount of GPM and PSI required for the job.

White Tip: White produces a spray pattern of 40 degrees that is specifically designed to clean delicate surfaces such as stucco walls and home siding. It offers low pressure and an adequate water flow to effectively clean sensitive areas.

Black Tip: Black produces a spray pattern of 65 degrees and covers a wide area with a very gentle stream. This tip is ideal to wet surfaces and apply chemicals or detergents, however, it is not meant for cleaning purposes.

The 5 universal tips are not typically used on their own for hard to reach surfaces as the wand does not offer enough flexibility to bend while maintaining pressure. For these areas, it is best to use a pivoting nozzle.

The perfect nozzles

A pivoting nozzle is meant for hard to reach surfaces such as soffits, gutters and under the deck as the wand can bend up to 90 degrees. This lets you access deep crevices and hidden areas when using one of the universal tips.

When pressure washing concrete, decks or vinyl siding…Stay Safe!

– Make sure you are standing on a solid footing
– Wear eye protection
– Use the correct nozzle and spray setting
– Never point the spray gun at people, animals or plants
– Keep all spray equipment clear of electrical fixtures and power lines
– Only use cleaning detergents that are approved for pressure washing machines
– Test the power of the machine before using
– Do not spray under siding or directly at window casings

If you are looking for additional expert advice call the Vancouver pros at Alblaster Pressure Washing. 

We are always happy to help you with pressure washing tips or to step in and help you get the job done.


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