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Burnaby Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

As a trusted partner of property owners in Burnaby, Alblaster has gained a reputation for professional and reliable performance for over a decade. Over the years we have developed an in-depth understanding of which services are right for the job and property. Our clients trust us on two levels. First, our character, values, and honesty are completely trustworthy. Second, they trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to know what we’re doing and take responsibility for it.

Burnaby Soft Washing Experts

Sometimes the best solution is in the solution (the detergent). Some surfaces can’t withstand the pressure washing process. When that is the case, our Soft Washing Method uses detergent to clean, instead of high pressure. Although our detergents are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable, they are also effective, especially when combined with brushes, and elbow grease.

Soft Washing – Burnaby Residential Properties

Your home is probably covered in special considerations requiring special care. Our experience allows us to understand the unique aspects of your job, and use equipment perfectly suited for it. If you’ve been searching for the right company in Burnaby, who knows when it is better to Soft Wash, look no further.

Soft Washing – Burnaby Commercial Properties

Your business’s reputation is affected by cleanliness. It is a big part of the customer or employee experience. The details add up, and the same is true of your building. It is important that we consider these details, and that we are always mindful of them.

Soft Washing – Burnaby Industrial Properties

For safe and effective soft washing, Alblaster is the expert service for all types of industrial properties. Industrial properties don’t just require pressure washing, there are plenty of surfaces that can get damaged if not handled properly. We can remove all green and black stains caused by algae, mold and moss with ease using our soft washing method. This protects your building from any pressure-related damage. We spray the chemical onto the surface, it is scrubbed with elbow grease where needed, then rinsed clean using very little water pressure. When you book soft washing services through Alblaster you get a free window cleaning service as well. We use a deionization water filter and tucker pools, which leaves your windows with a spotless clean.

Soft Washing – Burnaby Strata Properties

We consider ourselves perfect for strata cleaning projects. We organize our crews and our schedules in such a way so that you feel an extra sense of confidence that we’re on a schedule of maintaining your strata property. Scheduling a regular cleaning and taking responsibility for the work is not only more affordable in the long run if you consider wear and tear, but also has an effect on the desirability of your property. We clean and sanitize the whole exterior of your strata complex. This includes exterior gutters, siding, decks, trim, soffits, and exterior windows. We get the job done and you get an excellent result. That’s right, windows are included free. When booking a soft washing services through Alblaster, we provide a free window cleaning service with our deionization water filter and tucker pools which leaves your windows with a spotless clean.

Burnaby Pressure Washing Services

There is probably no better reason to hire a professional than a pressure washing project. At Alblaster, we are experienced in handling tough jobs. High pressures can present some pretty tricky handling and present some risks of injury. Burnaby is no stranger to harsh weather conditions. Many times, it takes a blast of high pressure to handle stuck-on dirt or mold and mildew on certain surfaces. We have just the perfect expertise and equipment for that.

Pressure Washing – Burnaby Residential Properties:

There are plenty of surfaces that can withstand and require high pressure. At Alblaster, we have the experience to know when the job is best suited for high pressure. This cleaning method may be required by a patio, a front porch, a basement walkout, a retaining wall, a driveway, a second-story balcony, or even a wooden deck.

Pressure Washing – Burnaby Strata Properties

Alblaster understands the job of maintaining strata properties on a schedule. Strata property councils face many management issues, we work closely with them to make sure that we share the responsibility of regular washing, to maintain value and desirability. At Alblaster, we have the crew and equipment to do it right. We know what to look for and know how to prevent damage.

Pressure Washing Industrial Property

Industrial properties in Burnaby come in all shapes and sizes, and industries. They all have one thing in common, they can get pretty dirty. That’s where we come in. Put your high-pressure washing job in our expert hands. We know just when to use high-pressure and how to use it safely and effectively.

Industrial property can acquire all kinds of dirt build-up and resulting stains, both biological and synthetic. We know by years of experience what it takes to leave everything spotlessly clean. It is always a good idea to place high-pressure washing squarely in the hands of a professional. Destruction of property or physical injury can result unless conducted by an experienced professional.

Pressure Washing – Burnaby Commercial Properties

It is so important that your commercial property makes a great impression. A lot is decided about it based on appearance. It doesn’t take long for a building in Burnaby to get weathered. At Alblaster, we have the personnel and equipment to keep your commercial property looking clean and safe. Our commercial property power washing includes parking lots, parkade ramps, driveways, retaining walls, staircases, surrounding sidewalks, storefront sidewalks, and more.


Parkade Cleaning – Burnaby

Many times, your parkade is the first impression someone gets of your business. It can influence someone’s opinion about doing business with you, whether they feel comfortable living in your building, or if they feel confident in your industry. A parkade full of debris is also a hazard. It can cause accidents, harm the surface, or even attract pests.

Window Cleaning – Burnaby

This is part of the Alblaster extra effort. We add window washing to our job. It’s just an extra finishing touch. We have a special filter that we attach to a hose which prevents spotting. So, your windows end up virtually spotless. We include this service for all residences, businesses, industrial property, and strata property.

Line Painting – Burnaby

Our expertise in understanding traffic flow allows us to lay down markings in a parking lot. We paint lines, numbers, visitor spaces, handicap symbols, small car stencils, hatching, fire lane, no parking zones, curb and speed bumps, crosswalks, pillars, posts, and lamp base painting.

Each property has a different requirement, Alblaster can handle them all.

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Pressure Washing Reviews

Our Pressure Washing Services are rated 5 of 5 from our customers

We have used Alblaster for two years now at my restaurant and each time the patio and awnings have been cleaned perfectly. I highly recommend Alexz and his team for their attention to detail, prompt service and friendly approach to customer service.

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