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The face of every business delivers a message. When you want to make sure your message says ‘We take great pride in serving you‘ it is a good idea to contact Alblaster Pressure Washing for their awning cleaning services.

Potential customers can be turned off by a variety of appearances. Please even the toughest critics with a well-maintained awning.

Regularly scheduled awning cleaning is the best way to prevent staining and wear and tear. Over time outdoor elements, weather, pollution and bird droppings can discolor and permanently damage an awning.

Get Alblaster to keep your business clean and inviting to experience a steady flow of customer traffic.

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Awning Cleaning Solutions

It is never a good idea to throw whatever cleaners you have handy at the dirt and grime on your awning.

Doing so can be a costly mistake

We do a thorough inspection of every awning and select the appropriate stain remover and cleaner for every awning type. We also have a protectant chemical that we put on awnings after cleaning so your awning is looking new for longer. Our crew takes care of the exterior and underside to ensure insects and birds have not taken up residence inside your awning, and that lighting and electrical are properly cared for during the cleaning process.

Alblaster arrives equipped with all the pro awning cleaning tools and solutions to carefully blast away dirt and debris from vinyl, fabric, canvas and hard shell awnings.

Put the power of pressure washing in the hands of the pros at Alblaster. Our expert crews work the front lines of your business to help you make a terrific first impression.

Awning Types

Refresh the face of your business with Alblaster Pressure Washing.

All outdoor signage should be crisp and clean.

We service all types of awnings:

  • Fixed and retractable
  • Window and door awnings
  • Cloth and canvas
  • Hard awnings including pedestrian walkways and glass
  • Tents and tarps
  • Walkway and entrance canopies
  • Sign awnings
  • Patios and porches

Call today to learn more about our awning cleaning products and services. We are an incredibly friendly bunch and always happy to provide FREE expert advice about what we can do to keep your awning looking new.

Alblaster Pressure Washing. Simply convenient and affordable awning cleaning solutions. Serving Vancouver and the lower mainland.

“Just some of the stores we’ve done’’

Snow Removal Reviews

Our Snow Removal Services are rated 5 from customers reviews.

We called on Alblaster 2 weeks before the start of the snow to provide us with quotes for a large number of properties. They took the time to go visit the properties on their own time to provide the most accurate quotes. When it came to the actual salting and snow removal not only were they quick and on time, they identified that they had quoted more salt than it was actually required which resulted in a very happy season for our budgeting department. We added 7 more properties to their file and they again quickly adjusted to accommodate us. Professional, fair and friendly service. No issues.

Pablo P.

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