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When it rains it pours in Vancouver and this means your deck can take a beating. Deck waterproofing is essential to maintain the integrity and stability of a deck’s structure.

Compromised and poor quality deck surfaces are potential hazards for:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Wood rot
  • Mould and mildew growth
  • Structure instability

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Outdoor surfaces can be a challenge to waterproof. Certain factors must be taken into account to choose a coating that will be effective long-term. Some of these include freezing & thawing cycles, total foot traffic and slope of the deck surface.

If you are looking to avoid leaks, expensive repairs and hours of maintenance, it is best to have a professionally installed waterproof deck system.

Deck Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing systems protect a deck from water damage and UV rays which can fade or crack a deck surface over time.

Liquid Deck Coating

Liquid deck coating is a rubberized synthetic product applied with a paint roller. It creates a durable waterproof and skid resistant surface.

Vinyl Deck Flooring

Vinyl deck flooring is a waterproof sheet vinyl membrane roll that is fitted and thermally welded to create a water-tight deck surface. This long lasting deck system creates an attractive walking surface and is designed for strength and slip-resistance. Vinyl sheets come in a variety of colors and textures.


Polymer-enhanced cements are commonly used on both residential and commercial projects. Polymer cements can also be applied with various textures and colors to personalize the look of your surface. Cements stand up to frequent heavy wear and tear. This coating will have to be reapplied every few years to preserve its look and integrity.


Urethanes (including polyureas), fiberglass, and composite systems based around self-adhered “peel-and-stick” membranes are popular on large, commercial projects. Urethane offers excellent flexibility for high impact environments and fluctuating temperatures. Urethane floors maintain their color and texture long-term and have a high UV resistance.


Epoxy floor coatings are popular for indoors and specifically formulated to endure highly abusive environments. Epoxies provide a layer of protection that is resistant to chemical damage, however this product is not UV resistant. They are available in a variety of colors and non-skid options for high foot traffic areas.

Proper Deck Waterproofing requires close attention to the details…

It begins with using the right products and tools.

  • adhesives
  • deck water sealants
  • waterproof deck coating
  • drains
  • scuppers
  • perimeter fastening devices

And ends with critical pieces and precision workmanship.


PVC coated flashings are a specially coated metal used on the outside edge of the deck to ensure vinyl decking is permanently heat welded to the flashing.

Sealing Walls

Waterproofing and sealing must be performed where the deck floor meets the walls of the home. Failure to do so means water can get behind the siding of the house causing leaks and wood rot.

Sealing Doors

When waterproofing a deck it is imperative to install the vinyl membrane into the door opening. This means the door must be pulled out and re-installed to avoid future leaks and water damage.

Wood Deck Waterproofing

Waterproofing wood decks helps prevent discoloration, scratches, mold, mildew, warping and cracking.

Using a sealant specifically designed for wood is the most important step in wood waterproofing. The sealant must repel water, sunlight and mildew to keep your deck properly protected. Before the sealant is applied, the entire area must be cleaned and prepared for application of the sealant by a pressure washer, or it will not properly adhere to the surface.

Advantages of using Alblaster to waterproof and restore your existing deck system:

  • Warranty approved
  • Fast drying new finishes which minimize downtime for walking on the surface
  • Restores old deck to a like new condition
  • Much more cost-effective than replacing the entire deck
  • A finished product that is easy to maintain and clean, and reduces damages and wear and tear

Save time and money. Get the pros with the proper tools, resources and specialized equipment to waterproof your deck.

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