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Professional Industrial Cleaning

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At Alblaster, we are experts in providing safe and reasonably priced industrial power washing services for industries including warehouses, heavy duty equipment, silos, and even fleet services for your tractor or trailer without affecting your business operations. For industrial businesses, it is really important to have the right people using the right power washing equipment. At Alblaster Pressure Washing we will apply the right equipment and experience every time. We have hot and cold water pressure washers and all of the right degreasing chemicals, surface cleaners, boom lifts, ladders and much more!

Warehouses – White Tents

industrial-warehouse-white-tent-cleaningWarehouses typically come across as big eyesores when dirty.

How people see your warehouse may affect how they perceive your brand. Using power washing can make a world of difference given the wide variation in weather and precipitation we experience here every year.

Whether your warehouse uses vinyl, aluminum, metal or stucco siding we can clean it using our 100% biodegradable chemical cleaning agents and professional power washing equipment.

After spraying, we let the chemical agitate the surface for five to ten minutes (depending on the condition of the warehouse) and then wash it with either our hot or cold water temperatures (using just the right amount of pressure). We will complete one area of the warehouse at a time, leaving your warehouse looking brand new.


Silos pressure washing services
Over the years, when an industrial pressure washing schedule is not maintained, silos can become a very big eyesore (as you can see in this picture).
Sometimes a potential customer’s first connection with your brand can happen while they are driving past one of your silos. This silo, for instance, was made in 1961 and now, after Alblaster pressure washing, it looks brand new again.
If you have a silo like this that needs industrial pressure washing, feel free to give our team a call and you will be surprised at how affordable it is to make your silo look brand new again.

Fleet Services “Tractor or trailer”

Industrial Fleet Pressure WashingAt Alblaster Pressure Washing we understand how important it is for your company’s fleet to maintain a clean image. Your trucks are mobile advertisements for your brand.
If you are looking for a reliable, affordable mobile pressure washing service please call Alblaster Pressure washing today.
We are no simple truck wash, we wash everything carefully and expertly with heavy-duty degreasers and hot water pressure washers.
We are experienced at washing everything from semi-tractors, trailers, delivery trucks, buses, dump trucks and flat decks.

Heavy-duty equipment

heavy-duty-cleaningContact Alblaster Pressure Washing if you need to have your large heavy-duty and agriculture equipment cleaned thoroughly and properly.
We use advanced grease removal methods and industrial pressure washing. Our methods include our 100% biodegradable chemical cleaner and hot water pressure washing to ensure your equipment will always look brand new after every cleaning.
We can clean everything from your Bobcat to your bulldozer, from a tractor to a dump truck. We have over ten years of experience with pressure washing in Vancouver, so please call us at any time to set up a cleaning schedule.

“Just some of the stores we’ve done’’

Snow Removal Reviews

Our Snow Removal Services are rated 5 from customers reviews.

We called on Alblaster 2 weeks before the start of the snow to provide us with quotes for a large number of properties. They took the time to go visit the properties on their own time to provide the most accurate quotes. When it came to the actual salting and snow removal not only were they quick and on time, they identified that they had quoted more salt than it was actually required which resulted in a very happy season for our budgeting department. We added 7 more properties to their file and they again quickly adjusted to accommodate us. Professional, fair and friendly service. No issues.

Pablo P.

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