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Line Painting

Line painting allows safe use of parking lots and roads.

Weather patterns and steady traffic can impact painted surfaces over time. Regular line repainting and new line striping are key to maintaining public order and safety.

Improperly marked or poorly marked parking lots cause huge problems and liabilities

  • Public danger – people will not know where safe walking areas are located
  • Disorder – when stalls are not clearly marked people may park all over the place
  • Wasted space – people will take more space than necessary for their vehicle when lines are not visible
  • Accidents – if there is an accident in a lot you own, and it is not clearly marked, you can be held responsible for the damages

Keep your customers between the lines to maximize lot usage and prevent vehicle damage.

When you need expert painting services that stand up to varying weather conditions and heavy traffic usage, one phone call to Alblaster will give you quality paint solutions for road markings, parking lots or driveways.

Quality paint products. Quality paint application solutions.

Professional parking lot and line painting applications for a variety of projects

  • Parking lot striping
  • Road marking
  • Parking stalls – lines, numbers, lettering
  • Handicap symbols
  • Fire lane and no parking zones
  • Curb painting
  • Speed bump painting
  • Crosswalk painting
  • Pillars, posts and lamp base painting
  • Playground and sport court painting
  • Black out removal / line eradication of unwanted markings
  • Custom stencil designs for unique parking lot and warehouse marking requirements

Choosing a quality line painting contractor is critical when you want the job done properly. You can count on Alblaster to make sure:

  • Lines are STRAIGHT. This means we take time to set up shields when pavement is uneven so the line striping machine is not affected by bumps.
  • Line endings are EVEN. This means we pay attention to the details and ensure all lines are the same length and line endings are accurately aligned.
  • Paint overspray is CLEANED. For any paint overspray sections, we use a wire brush to clean the area while the paint is still wet.

Road Marking

Road marking controls the safe flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We offer:

  • Traffic lane arrows
  • School and city park zones
  • Reduced speed areas – schools, parks, farms and more
  • Special purpose lanes – bicycle and bus lanes
  • Traffic circles – single and double lanes
  • Crosswalk painting
  • Reflectors – inlaid road markings

Driveway Paint

Driveways and carports can be spruced up to look brand new with a protective paint that seals the surface to resist tire marks, water, oil, grease and gasoline stains. It is easy to maintain and prevents scuffing, peeling, blistering and fading.

The management and crew at Alblaster exercise extreme care on the job to ensure your customers and the general public stay safe during all project construction. We keep a clean worksite and unobstructed access to allow traffic flow with minimal delays.

Get the reliable experience of an insured contractor for your painting and marking projects.

Call Alblaster Pressure Washing today to learn more about how we can help you.

We help you keep Vancouver, and the entire Lower Mainland, roads and parking lots safe and looking great.

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