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Our Residential Pressure Washing Services

Residential Soft Washing – Choose Alblaster Pressure Washing

driveway pressure washWashing your home is a great preventative measure to avoid long-term damage. An experienced and professional soft washing company will make sure the job is performed properly and that no damage is caused to your property during the process. Alblaster is your perfect choice for this service.

A soft washing strategy uses detergents and chemicals rather than pressure washers and heat to clean surfaces. We often use bristle brushes with a solution for the tougher parts of the job. Our detergents and chemicals are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents and we always use environmentally conscious cleaning methods.

We opt for soft washing is a low-pressure process. (about 60 psi) It dramatically reduces the chance that water will damage your exterior or penetrate the structure. It also is less likely to leave permanent marks on concrete, brick, and stone. We let the soap do the work, not the pressure. Our process of soft washing cleans and sanitizes the entire exterior of your home, no matter what type of surface that is being cleaned. This includes gutters, siding, decks, trim, soffits, and exterior windows.

With any soft washing process, we have to consider the wind because it has a significant effect on determining the distance and direction of the spray. To increase the precision of the soap and spray placement we use a top of the line spray gun for all chemical spraying. After the chemical has agitated the surface for the correct amount of time, which depends on the surface, we then rinse down the area using a spray gun that unloads 8 gallons of water per minute.

residential pressure wash

When you consider it all, Alblaster is the best solution for your residential soft washing services. If you’re having trouble finding a power washing company in Vancouver takes special care and knows when it is better to soft wash the unique exterior of your home, call Alblaster.

Once the job is complete, we make sure we clean up, not leaving any debris laying around. We feel that this is essential to completing any job. Cleaning up after we complete the job just makes sense. Anything less would simply not be our standard.

The number one thing we hope for is your satisfaction. We consider your home and treat it as if it were our own property. We take this work personally, maintaining a trusting relationship with you our client.

Call Alblaster for your residential soft washing job.

Gutter Cleaning (Inside and Out)

Without regular and thorough gutter cleaning, rainwater and melted snow can’t flow properly from your roof and ledges. When these problems become chronic, it can cause roof damage or cause your gutters to break, overflow, rust, or stain.
Regular gutter cleanings are highly recommended for the insides and outsides of your gutters every Fall (Just after all leaves have fallen).

driveway pressure washDriveways Pressure Washing

For instance, your neighbour may have just got it done and it looks amazing or maybe you just want to give your home a nice new curb appeal without spending thousands of dollars.

Whatever the reason may be, no job is too big for our surface cleaners and top of the line equipment. Your driveway can be looking brand new within a day or two of calling us at Alblaster Power Washing (you can always request a quote from our website and you will be surprised at how affordable it is!).

Walkways/Sideways Cleaning

It is easy sometimes to forget about what often seem like “the little things” (like cleaning your walkways and sideways) that can pile up all around our houses, events, or businesses.
Let Alblaster Pressure Washing brings over ten years of experience to clean either your concrete or asphalt driveway.
We only use the best in concrete cleaning equipment.

Fences love a good Pressure Wash Cleaning

All of Vancouver’s seasonal rain and snow can corrode and prevent your fences from looking their best.  Not to worry, our professional power washing services can help get your fences looking great again.

Whether you’re prepping for painting or just looking to spruce up the look of your yard, we have the proper methods for cleaning your wooden, aluminum, brick or metal fences.

Window Cleaning


Residential Cleaning Services Tailor Made For Your Windows

Has it been a long time since your windows received the careful attention that they deserve?

It doesn’t matter if you are having family over or inviting a new client or coworker to your house, our professionally cleaned windows will always make a great impression on your visitors. At Alblaster, we care about getting the little details correct.

Exterior window cleaning by hand: For your ground level or easily accessible windows, we use soft scrub brushes and squeegees to ensure every inch of your windows will look brand new.

Exterior window cleaning by extension poles: We use telescopic water and cleaner-fed poles to clean those hard to reach windows safely and effectively. More importantly, we both save on the cost of having to set up safety equipment.

Interior window cleaning by hand:And finally, we provide full-service window cleaning (your interior windows will be done with care). Hand washing interior windows is done with squeegees and scrub brushes to quickly and effectively clean units. We will clean your windows using only green products that are free from harsh chemicals and that are safe for even the most sensitive tenants

Patios, Decks, and Porches

Patio Furniture Pressure WashingWhen Spring comes or when Summer is almost over, it should be time to start thinking about cleaning your Patio Furniture. Patio furniture often is made of particular materials that have to be dealt with carefully and correctly.

Alblaster pressure washing uses very low pressures on patio furniture and whenever necessary use our biodegradable chemical cleaning agents and environmentally conscious cleaning methods to ensure cleaning is friendly to the rest of your yard’s ecosystem. We bring over a decade of experience to every job and will treat your furniture with the utmost care.

Exposed Aggregate Sealing

Sometimes pressure washing is only one of many outdoor needs. Applying concrete sealer to exposed aggregate surfaces can improve both its performance and appearance.

It’s a very good idea to apply sealers after a fresh pressure wash when it’s at its cleanest. It helps protect against stains, freeze-thaw damage, salts, and abrasions.

A sealer will also enhance the color of the aggregate showing its true depth and richness.

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Our Residential Pressure/Soft Washing Services are rated 5 of 5 from our customers

Alblaster Pressure washing gave me a quote within a day. Their prices were slightly higher than some other quotes i received, but i just got the sense their equipment and crew were exactly what i was looking for to get the job done right., so i hired them. It was a right choice i made they went beyond my expectation and i would hire them in a heart beat again.

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