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If you are the owner of a Cedar Shake Roof in Vancouver, you know that it is beautiful and energy-efficient. Cedar roofs have thermal properties that insulate your home. That’s why it is important to remember that we keep two main goals in mind. Cedar roof cleaning improves your roof’s aesthetics and extends its lifespan. Clean cedar is naturally aesthetically pleasing. Once all the organic material is removed from a cedar roof, it returns to its original beauty and functionality.

We know that every roof is unique, from the location to the level of damage. Contact Alblaster for your Vancouver roof cleaning. Request a free quote by calling 778-867-4796 or using our contact form.

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Moss removal is essential for a clean look, but most shake roofs in the Lower Mainland also deal with algae and lichen, causing the cedar shakes to look stained and old.

These materials tend to attach to cedar roofs quickly. For this reason, it is a good idea to hire a professional roof cleaning company every 2-3 years. Cedar roofs are also prone to rot if debris is allowed to collect.

A cedar shake roof is a reliable line of defence for your home, and it is an excellent insulator. For the cedar roof to do its job, the cedar must breathe. By removing all parasitic invaders and debris with our chemical solutions, this will avoid any future damage. Our perfectly mixed chemicals will protect your home for years to come.

As cedar shake roofs age they can get brittle and so it is best to give it a thorough chemical spray, never hitting it with pressurized water. If the roof has extensive debris and infestation, we will manually remove the material first and then apply the cleaning solution.

We take time to learn about your roof, and we use the latest techniques to ensure that we maximize its lifespan. Alblaster trains their employees extensively to ensure that they work efficiently and safely.

When cleaning your cedar shake roof, it is essential to let the detergents do the work instead of the pressure. We use a 100% non-toxic, biodegradable solution that kills the root cause of the infestation. Roof cleaning does require a deeper clean that removes all the penetrating growth, including harmful moss, lichen, and algae that cause damage and shorten its lifespan.

With Alblaster, we can clean your roof with no harm done. Contact us so that we can start building a trusting relationship and a maintenance schedule. Our #1 goal is to protect your roof!

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Our low-pressure soft-washing exterior cleaning methods ensure your property’s safety without compromising our process or effectiveness.


We take the time to learn while always using new methods and techniques to provide you with the best quality exterior cleaning.


We train all team members exceptionally well to ensure they work efficiently.

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