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Tile roofs are common in the Vancouver area and are fast becoming a popular choice for a home. If properly maintained, a concrete or clay tile roof could last you up to 50 years or the life of your structure.

These roofs require special care due to their tendency to crack and chip if they are walked on carelessly. They can also break, chip, or slip out of place due to animal activity, weather, high-pressure washing, or improper installation. If properly installed and properly maintained, a tile roof can withstand many things that other roofs can’t, like fire and high winds.

We know that every roof is unique, from the location to the level of damage. Contact Alblaster for your Vancouver roof cleaning. Request a free quote by calling 778-867-4796 or using our contact form.

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Suppose you value the knowledge and experience of a professional roof cleaning company. In that case, you can look to them to address issues like moss, algae, mildew, breakage, and leakage before they become problems. This typically entails a professional cleaning once every two years.

Tile roofs can build up moss in spaces between tiles, blocking water from draining properly, causing backup and leaks. Moss and algae also eat away the tile coating, resulting in a loss of colour.

For your tile roof to have a long life, it must be appropriately maintained. A professional roof cleaning company can prepare your roof for resealing, priming, and repainting, which can be done about every 10 to 15 years, depending on conditions. A clean roof is a great way to transform the entire appearance of your home in a short period.

At Alblaster, we can get your tile roof spotlessly clean, and we let the solution do the cleaning, not pressurized water. Pressure washing causes damage to your roof by eroding and displacing tiles.

We stay off your roof as much as possible, and when we absolutely must, we take great care to tread lightly.

First, we remove all loose debris such as needles, leaves, twigs and dead moss from the roof and gutters.

Then we conscientiously spray a 100% non-toxic, biodegradable solution thoroughly across your roof. Over time, this chemical and weather react with your roof bringing it back to its new state.

At Alblaster, experience tells us that we should always use low-pressure on your tile roof. We will thoroughly inspect your roof first because we want to be keenly aware of its condition.

The solution to cleaning your tile roof is to let the detergent do the work instead of the pressure. Roof cleaning does require a deeper clean that removes all the penetrating growth, including harmful moss, lichen, and algae that cause water to back up and degrade its ability to protect your home. With Alblaster, your roof gets clean with no harm done.

We know you count on us to be reliable and do a professional job. We take pride in our reputation for honesty, integrity, and knowledge.

Give us a call, ask us for our free quote and a maintenance schedule. Protecting your roof and extending its life are our top priorities.

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