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Wood Deck Staining

Alblaster cleans and stains wood decks. Wood deck staining needs a professional touch for long lasting results.

Applying a stain to a new or existing wood deck can restore its look and protect the wood from fading. Decks are wide open to exposure of weather elements, sunlight and foot traffic, and therefore require maintenance to keep them protected.

Cleaning a Wood Deck

Cleaning a Wood Deck.

Before staining and sealing a deck, all debris like leaves, twigs and dirt must be swept away. The spaces between the boards must be checked for rotting leaves and other deposits resting on the joists. If left unattended, the boards will eventually rot.

Scrubbing the deck with a bristle brush and wood cleaning agent, and following up with pressure washing the entire surface is key to removing all dirt ingrained in the wood.

We never use chlorine bleach.

Wood deck staining preparation is critical

The old stain must be removed for a new stain application to effectively work. The wood must be dry and free of contaminants. Applying stain to a damp surface will not adhere properly and can cause the surface to crack or peel.

It is never a good idea to stain wood that is rotted, decayed or contaminated. In this case the wood needs to be cleaned or replaced. Restaining and sealing a wood deck on a regular maintenance schedule is necessary to avoid costly repairs. If the existing stain is no longer repelling water, it is time to get it done.

Wood Deck Staining Tips

  • Avoid applying stain in direct sunlight
  • Avoid applying stain if rain is forecasted within 24 hours of the application
  • For best results, apply stain when temperatures are between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • When covering a large area using gallons of stain, mix them together to ensure color consistency
  • Testing a small area at the start is a great way to ensure you are getting desired results
  • Using clear or lightly tinted stains allow the wood grain and texture to show
  • Natural bristle brushes are best for working the stain deep into the wood fibers
  • Never over-apply stain as it can prevent it from drying, and cause it to peel or crack when exposed to moisture
  • Always choose a stain that contains a UV protector

Different types of wood require different types of wood stains.

Doing it yourself may require a do-over each year.

That is why it is best to consult with a professional wood staining expert in Vancouver and the lower mainland to maintain your deck.

Get all season weather protection and long lasting results…

Call Alblaster Pressure Washing today for deck wood staining finishes you can count on for 2 years or more.

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Snow Removal Reviews

Our Snow Removal Services are rated 5 from customers reviews.

We called on Alblaster 2 weeks before the start of the snow to provide us with quotes for a large number of properties. They took the time to go visit the properties on their own time to provide the most accurate quotes. When it came to the actual salting and snow removal not only were they quick and on time, they identified that they had quoted more salt than it was actually required which resulted in a very happy season for our budgeting department. We added 7 more properties to their file and they again quickly adjusted to accommodate us. Professional, fair and friendly service. No issues.

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