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What Is the Difference Between Soft Washing, Power Washing, and Pressure Washing?

Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, and Power Washing… Explained

What is the first impression that people have of your house? Your house’s exterior is probably the first thing that someone will notice about your property.

Especially if you need that so important “curb appeal.” There are three ways to choose from when washing it and each one requires careful consideration: Soft Washing, Pressure Washing, and Power Washing.

Soft Washing

As the name implies, this method requires no pressure or pressure equipment. It relies more on detergents and chemical solutions. Often the use of brushes or mops is used in conjunction with these solutions, to scrub off the surface.

We choose Soft Washing for the right circumstances some surfaces can be damaged by high-pressure jets of water. Thus, preserving your house’s exterior. We always use only environmentally friendly detergents and chemicals.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing and Power Washing are similar. Pressure equipment is used to release water at high pressure. The water is cold, but if used in the right situation, is very effective. More pressure is used to compensate for not using hot water. The pressure is effective in the removal of stuck-on dirt or mud, and also mildews and molds.

Pressure washing can be pretty tricky and pretty dangerous. Pressurized water can cause injury.

Power Washing

Power washing takes pressure washing to the next level, adding hot water to the release of pressurized water. This method is ideal for the really tough jobs removing dirt, mud, and mildew that just can’t come off any other way.

The hot water breaks down the dirt faster and more easily than cold water. This method works well on hard surfaces made of concrete or cement.

Power washing might even be riskier than pressure washing. Just add scalding water.

Choosing the right method is only one difficult decision you’d face by doing it yourself. The whole process is more involved and all-consuming than it sounds. The type of material you are cleaning off has a great deal to do with the method you choose. Choosing the wrong method can be ineffective on one end and downright damaging on the other end.

A pressure washing professional should have considered the task at hand and so show up with the right equipment for the job.

Hire a Professional

At Alblaster Pressure Washing, we’ve seen it all. We know what is appropriate and effective. No matter which method is appropriate, there are several other tools and chemicals that must accompany each method. We have everything required and are prepared for every situation.

We don’t stop until the job is done. We’re thorough. That takes effort and commitment. You have to know what to look for. It is always frustrating to find spots you’ve missed after the fact. We don’t miss a thing.

When you consider all the pros and cons, it becomes clear that hiring a professional from Alblaster Pressure Washing is the way to go. We have the experience to choose the most appropriate method, do a thorough job, and save you time and trouble.