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Parking Lot & Underground Parking: Cleaning & Maintenance

The amenities available to many strata owners are often what attract them to this type of property in the first place. However, amenities are only as nice as you make them, and regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep residents happy and your strata functioning at a high level. Private parking is often available to strata residents, yet underground parking cleaning can be easily overlooked. Thankfully, our team at Alblaster is here to ensure that your parking areas are functional, well maintained, and as clean as can be.

The Importance of Pressure Washing Strata Parkades and Lots

As with other exterior characteristics of your strata, maintaining a clean parking area is essential not only for appearances but also for improving the longevity of the area. Continuous build-up of dirt, grease, spills, litter and everything else that just happens to accumulate in parking areas over time will add unnecessary stress and clutter to an area that already sees a lot of traffic. Our professionals, however, will follow our time-tested procedures to clean your underground or parking area to the surface before honing in on the details. Once free of debris, the experts will degrease all oil, spills, to prevent erosion on the underlying concrete or asphalt floor.

Line Painting Service. Fresh Lines, Fresh Look

parking-lot-line-painting-1Beyond the routine cleaning and degreasing of your strata’s parking areas, our team at Alblaster is also well equipped to repaint parking lines and reseal any issues with your asphalt. Parking lines are simple and essential features of any parking area, thus it is crucial to keep them well maintained. If the lines in your strata’s parking area are fading or laid out in a confusing way, call on Alblaster to repaint and revitalize your parkade. Further, we can also remove, retouch, or add lines to keep your lot up to speed with the changing times and tenets. From simple lines to symbols and writing, our team will make your parking area shine.

Seal Coating Asphalt Parking Areas

If your strata have asphalt parking areas, routinely coating them is essential for preserving their functionality over time. Not only will Alblaster’s asphalt seal coating service give your old lots and driveways a new look, but it will also protect the ground from future damage. While the initial impressions from a clean surface will be appealing to tenants and residents, the improved surface structure will delight everyone driving on your newly sealed lots.

Contact Parking Cleaning Experts

Among other things, strata owners and tenants are often drawn to these units for their amenities. As such, it is crucial to devote the time and energy toward maintaining these facilities. Thankfully, Alblaster is here to provide affordable and high-quality parking cleaning and maintenance. Call us to get a quote on your strata parking area and schedule an appointment to give your lot or parkade a fresh new look!

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Parking lot Pressure Washing Reviews

Our Parking lot Pressure Washing Services are rated 5 of 5 from our customers

Alex from Alblaster did a terrific job for our 4 story strata building including walkways, stairwells, parking lot and patios. Alex came onsite within a day of calling, provided a fast and excellent quote, and then completed the work as promised in less time than anticipated. All areas he worked on look like new, no damage caused to any surfaces and he even came in and cleaned up the entrance-ways of our commercial units if any water had made it under the door. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Alblaster's work.

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